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Article: Nonna Natalina, the 89-Year-Old Pasta Sensation from Sansepolcro

Nonna Natalina, the 89-Year-Old Pasta Sensation from Sansepolcro

Nonna Natalina, the 89-Year-Old Pasta Sensation from Sansepolcro

In the heart of Sansepolcro, a town nestled in the province of Arezzo, Italy, lives an extraordinary woman named Natalina Moroni, affectionately known as Nonna Natalina. Born in 1935, her journey to culinary stardom began at the age of 20, as she learned the art of pasta-making by observing her beloved mother and mother-in-law.

Nonna Natalina's fame skyrocketed unexpectedly in March 2022 when her grandson Luca decided to showcase her cooking skills on TikTok. Little did they know that this would be the start of a digital phenomenon, earning Nonna Natalina over 3.3 million followers and turning her into an authentic symbol of authenticity.


It all began in the quaint kitchen of Nonna Natalina, where the intoxicating aroma of handmade pasta wafted through the air. With a twinkle in her eye, she shared the story of her pasta-making journey. "I learned by watching my mom and mother-in-law," she reminisced. Her hands expertly kneading the dough as if it were second nature.

As her culinary adventures unfolded on social media, the reactions were overwhelming. Nonna Natalina became the beloved grandmother not just to her family but to the entire town. "People are very happy; they are very happy with me. I am very happy to have become everyone’s grandmother," she shared, a genuine smile lighting up her face.

The secret to her perfect pasta dough? "Knead the dough often and add a little oil," she revealed. Nonna Natalina's favorite pasta to make? "I really like making ravioli," she said. Her eyes reflecting the joy of crafting each delicate piece.

Nonna Natalina, the 89-Year-Old Pasta Sensation from Sansepolcro

With a twinkle of nostalgia, Nonna Natalina shared her favorite pasta memory. "I remember my family very well. When I was little, I had 8 brothers, and fresh pasta was always eaten on holidays. Pasta reminds me of my family."  Her inspiration? "My teachers were my mother and my mother-in-law," she declared with gratitude.

As we delved deeper into her life, Nonna Natalina expressed a wish. "I wish I could travel the world once more. I have done many trips in my life; I really like traveling and getting to know different countries and cities."

Nonna Natalina's parting words resonated with the essence of her being. "The importance of loving your grandparents. I am very happy to have a family that loves me. What I want to convey to everyone is to keep making food at home, with your own hands, above all."

In Nonna Natalina's kitchen, every pasta strand weaves a story of tradition, love, and the timeless joy of homemade meals. As she continues to inspire with her culinary prowess, Nonna Natalina leaves an indelible mark—a legacy that transcends not only generations but also the digital realms, reminding us all of the beauty found in the simplicity of a well-made dish and the bonds forged around the dinner table.

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