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Embroidery Service

Make a statement with personalized chef's and servicewear with the ChefsCotton's Embroidery Service. Add a logo or text embroidery to your clothing to give it a unique touch. Impress your guests by showcasing your restaurant's brand on your service wear, or introduce your chef by embroidering their name and position on their jacket. With our embroidery services, you can add a touch of professionalism and creativity to your appearance.



The ChefsCotton's embroidery service is available on many of our products including chef's jackets, aprons, t-shirts, polos, caps, blouses, and shirts. We prioritize quality and work with the best embroidery studios in Europe to ensure the best results. 

The embroidery process takes about 2-4 weeks after approval of the design (in case of logo embroidery) under normal circumstances. For quantities above 15 pieces, request a quote or discount via chat or our contact form. 

Before you start

Make sure to read the embroidery conditions carefully before personalising your culinary uniforms. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly and you know what to expect.

Add your text embroidery

  1. Select the color or size you want to personalise

  2. Click on the logo & text button below the add to cart button

  3. Select if you want to embroider one or two text lines

  4. Enter your text and select a font and color for every line. A indicatively live preview will appear. Please note that reality may differ from this. More about this at the embroidery conditions page.

  5. Select the amount and click add to cart 

Add your logo embroidery

  1. Select the color or size you want to personalise

  2. Click on the logo & text button below the add to cart button

  3. Click on the logo tab

  4. If you are embroidering a logo for the first time, choose new logo. Add the logo, logo name and details and make sure you only add one piece* in the shopping cart. This is because with a new logo you will pay an extra €30 for the embroidery card cost. Once you have added the new logo to the shopping basket, you can easily reorder the other sizes and products with your logo by choosing reorder in the logo tab and entering the logo name you entered earlier when entering your new logo details.

    If you have embroidered the logo at ChefsCotton before, you can enter the name of the logo directly via the reorder button. If the logo is to be embroidered at a different size or in different colors than last time, a new embroidery card (i.e. new logo) must always be created.

  5. After you place the order you will receive a design proposal by email within 72 hours which you may make 2 revisions. After your final approval we will process the order.


For more complex requests or large amounts, don't hesitate to contact us us for personalized support. You can do this by contacting us via chat, or you can indicate that you should be contacted after the order. You do this by checking the checkbox in our embroidery tool in the "support" tab.