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Save money on bulk orders with volume discounts at ChefsCotton. The more you order, the higher your discount will be. Our discounts start at 2% for orders over €500 and go up to 10% for orders over €10,000. If you need a quotation for approval from your manager, a proforma invoice, or assistance with exceptional personalizations on our products, such as multiple logo embroideries, please contact our Sales Support team.

For orders over €10,000, please reach out to our team for personalized assistance. ChefsCotton works with volume discounting which in many cases makes it unnecessary to request a quote. The more you order, the higher your discount.

Volume discount 

 Amount - €   Volume Discount - % 
+ €250,-  2%
+ €500,-  3%
+ €750,-  4%
+ €1.000,-
+ €2.000,-
+ €2.500,- 7%
+ €3.000,-
+ €4.000,- 9%
+ €5.000,- 10%


In addition to our volume discounts, we offer special promotions on our Deals & Discounts page, in our newsletter, and on the social media channels of our gastronomy partner ChefsAlert.